Repair of Dies and Moulds

Ремонт оснасткиIn addition to own production of moulds and dies, In.Kol provides a comprehensive repair program of equipment produced by any manufacturer, except for Chinese made.

We provide the following types of repairs:

Availability of production facilities and advanced equipment allows us to perform repairs in the shortest time possible, without sacrificing the quality of equipment. In.Kol also provides tool works of any type: turning, milling, boring, grinding, metalwork, and welding as well.

Manufacturing of Equipment & Tools

Изготовление оснасткиIn.Kol specializes in manufacturing of equipment of any complexity for several years. The quality and speed of production is influenced by the application of the most advanced technologies in design and production, for instance use of equipment with numerical control (CNC).

Types of manufactured equipment:

High technical capabilities of Design department allow carrying out manufacturing according to customers' own drawings, models, or mathematical drafts.

Design of Tooling, Dies and Moulds

Проектирование оснасткиDesign and production of dies and moulds thanks to own design department, as well as competent professionals to design technical equipment for each task. Sophisticated CAD / CAM systems to reduce the time are being used to increase quality.

Design for plastic injection moulding, non-ferrous alloys, as well as moulds for chill casting, investment casting moulds and other types of moulding and pressing. In.Kol also specializes in the design of tooling for cold and hot stamping.

All that is required from the customer is to provide with details of the drawing, its mathematical model, or just sample.

Mechanical Processing of Components

Механическая обработка деталей

The scope of services also includes mechanical processing of details. Metalworking, their processing and adjustment by each job specification is a complex multi-step process which cannot be done without precise equipment and advanced software. In.Kol possesses special machines, as well as staff of skilled professionals. All this allows producing products of any complexity from different materials. Our company possesses specialized machine tools with CNC, and all personnel are qualified specialists. This allows making products of any complexity of various materials.

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