In.Kol Limited Liability Company

Director In.Kol Limited Liability Company

In a decade In.Kol LLC has become one of the leaders of the market winning the trust of hundreds of clients. One of the priorities of our activity is instrumental manufacture, in particular, manufacturing moulds, dies and other tools. Our company offers moulds of any type, oriented to ensure smoothest production process of different scales within different industries.

In most cases, production is carried out according to standard drawings. However, In.Kol produces moulds and dies according to customers’ drawings or models, or mathematical drafts. Subsequently all documentation is transferred to our customers.

Modern technical solutions and advanced technologies allow us to implement even the most complicated technical projects. Regardless of the size and weight of the delivered tasks, we perform them in the shortest possible time without loss of quality.


We offer the following Kinds of Moulds

• moulds for injection moulding of thermoplastics and thermosets
• moulds for injection moulding (with loading camera)
• moulds for direct compression
• moulds for pressure casting of non-ferrous metals, as well as moulds, models
• dies for the extrusion of plastics


For thermoplastic injection Hot and Cold channel Injection Moulding

In.Kol is not only a high quality expert in questions of manufacturing of moulds of various kinds but also a successful expert in designing and manufacturing of dies and other tooling.


We offer following types of Press Tools

• Dies for cold stamping. Blanking, punching, bending, embossing, as well as deep drawing tools for sheet metal forming processes
• Dies for hot stamping. Single or multiple channel dies for presshardening

All products manufactured are high quality products with excellent performance and continuous productive life time. We provide a wide scope of after-sales services of any difficulty within the shortest possible time. Production is being carried out in strict accordance with international standards and norms. Usage of high-quality materials allows achieving the highest reliability of all equipment. Furthermore In.Kol has won confidence of the clients by reasonable pricing without compromising with any quality indicator as well as a flexible discount system for regular customers.

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